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Delft Thomas John, MCIArb
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Thomas practices globally as an international accredited mediator, arbitrator, negotiator, and legal consultant, drawing on his extensive experience working for and with the private and public sector. Based in the Netherlands, he is common and civil law trained and fully bilingual (English / German). Thomas has a keen interest in resolving commercial, corporate, and investor-State disputes, but also disputes relating to MSMEs, travel and tourism, business and human rights, as well as to international organisations, their staff, contractors, and consultants. Thomas also specialises in disputes relating to art and cultural objects. As a consultant, Thomas draws on his extensive experience advising businesses, governments and institutions. His focus is on dispute avoidance, dispute management, policy development and implementation, dispute resolution process design, as well as the drafting of dispute resolution rules and legislation. Thomas is empaneled by leading arbitrator and mediator lists, including the German Arbitration Institution (DIS), the Vienna International Arbitral Centre (VIAC), and the Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA). Thomas is also a member of the Court of Arbitration of Art (CAfA).

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